Our Story

Continuing to shape a reliable pharmaceutical supply chain to ensure each product arrives with the patient safely


Established in 1989, Tjoapack has been supplying primary and secondary packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical industry for almost 30 years. Our CEO, Eric Tjoa, has been an advocate of introducing new ideas and technologies to the supply chain for many years and we live and breathe this ethos every day.

“We recognise that packaging plays a huge role in securing the pharmaceutical supply chain and we’re dedicated to ensuring that the right medicines reach the patient safely at the right time. We believe that innovation and expert knowledge can drive the supply chain forward to a more efficient future and make sure patients have access to the medicines they need, when they need them.”

– Eric Tjoa, CEO


Late-stage customisation

In 2018, we expanded our postponement packaging capabilities in which we customise packaging in response to market demand.


Going digital

In 2015, we developed digital production registration and in-process control software to monitor and review production quality and the overall equipment effectiveness of our lines. This enabled us to reduce the amount of paper used across our operations by 68%.

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Printing automation

In 2013, we developed an automated in-house printing system for labels.


Three tier serialization

In 2008, we became the first company in the world to introduce serial number coding from blister to pallet.


Introducing track & trace

In 2007, we participated in an EU track & trace research project involving the use of data matrix codes and RFID tags on packaging throughout Europe. This project was the first of its kind in the EU.

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Online printing

In 1999, we introduced online printing of 2D data matrix codes on blisters.


Unit dose printing

In 1997, we secured the patent for inline barcode printing on aluminium foil for blister packs.


Environmentally conscious

In 1995, we introduced the polypropylene recyclable blister in the Netherlands.


First in Europe

In 1989, we became the first company in Europe to put barcodes on unit dose medicines.

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