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Tjoapack is a totally independent pharmaceutical contract packaging company, mainly, but not solely, focused on solid oral dosage forms. Founded in 1989 by pharmacist Eric Tjoa, the company has since become the market leader in the Netherlands, with a growing market share within the EU and ambitions to expand to other continents. Tjoapack serves customers in Europe and beyond from its bases in the Netherlands at Emmen and Etten Leur.

Tjoapack = know-how
  • 20 years of experience
  • retail pharmacy presentations and hospital Unit Dose packaging
  • prescription drugs and OTC
  • wide range of services
Tjoapack = Quality
  • c-GMP certified contract packager
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • One online quality system
  • One ERP system

Tjoapack = flexibility

  • flexible machine park
  • 2 production sites
  • backup suppliers for packaging materials
  • short lead times

Tjoapack = Innovation

  • 1989: first in Europe to provide barcode on Unit Dose
  • 1995: introduction of polypropylene recycable blister in the Netherlands
  • 1997: patented in-line printing on alu-foil
  • 1999: in-line printing of 2-D data matrix codes
  • 2001: cooperation with EAN-NL to provide RSS solution on Unit Dose
  • 2007: EU BRIDGE project (WP6), mass serialization of patient packs, aggregation of data of different packaging levels and "track and trace" of pharmaceuticals from packaging site to patient (World's first)
  • 2008: Meditraq 'Center of Excellence', track and trace going one level deeper to unit (tablet) level (World's first)

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