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Our reference: PV/jb/2020.03.16

Etten-Leur, March 16th, 2020

To whom it may concern,

Current information about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) procedures at Tjoapack Netherlands BV.

As the novel corona virus has been detected in The Netherlands, Tjoapack has taken the following preventive measures to protect our company, visitors and employees and to prevent the spread of the virus. As Tjoapack is identified a critical business (i.e. all production and transportation of medicines) all measures will be taken to reassure continuity of operation.



All non-essential visits to Tjoapack until 28/04/2020 have to be canceled or postponed. Alternative solutions can be video conference or rescheduling to later dates. Only visits essential for the operation of Tjoapack can still take place following the below procedures and after approval of department manager.

Visitors have restricted access to the buildings:
All visitors have to answer a survey before their visit about:

  • Whereabouts in one of the risk areas (source in the past two weeks.
  • Fever with respiratory complaints (coughing or short of breath).
  • Contact with a patient with the new corona virus.
  • If a potential visitor answers one of these questions positive, or the visitor is unannounced, access into our facilities is denied.
  • Visitors are notified that without an appointment, Tjoapack can be contacted by phone.
  • Mail and packages are delivered and picked up at an unmanned desk at the entrance, to avoid delivery person to be in contact with Front Desk Employees.
  • All visitors are instructed to disinfect their hands before entering at the Front Desk.


  • Designated toilet for visitors has been assigned.
  • At both entrances in the Warehouse, there is warning text in several languages (including Polish and Romanian):
  • Keep at 1 meter distance from the employees.
  • Do not shake the hand of employees.
  • No access to our facility.
  • Only use the designated visitor toilet.
  • All Tjoapack warehouse employees have been informed about these measures.



Employees are not allowed to go on business trips or external meetings until 28/04/2020. The following message has been communicated through internal communication, the private mail address and communication screens in the cafeteria:

  • Contact your family doctor by phone in case of fever with respiratory complaints (coughing or short of breath) and visiting risk areas or contact with a patient with the new corona virus.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow.
  • Use paper tissues.
  • Contact our HR department by phone when you have visited one of the risk areas.

Because we are located in the province of Noord-Brabant, we additionally follow the advice from the RIVM ( ) to let employees with a cold OR coughing OR a fever stay at home. This information is updated daily.


  • We are in close contact with all our suppliers to ensure continued supply of goods.
  • Safety stocks are reassessed based upon risk analysis
  • Weekly updates and monitoring of all suppliers and materials.

Roadmap in case of positive case

Tjoapack has prepared a roadmap in case one of the employees of Tjoapack should be tested positive with COVID-19.


In the building at all central locations additional hand alcohol and paper tissues are made available. For example next to copy machines, in kitchenettes and in the cafeteria.


These are the measures applicable on Monday March 16th, 2020. There is a daily update of measures according to RIVM ( ) to check the necessity to adjust measures or communication to our employees.

For questions, please contact your regular contact at Tjoapack.

Best regards,

Tjoapack Netherlands B.V.

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