Quality Supply Chain Services

Expert solutions forming a safer and more connected supply chain

At Tjoapack, we use our expertise and experience to ensure the highest level of quality across all of our operations. Our in-house qualified persons (QPs) test and check the entire production process before releasing a finished product to the European market for sale. In addition, we offer quality supply chain solutions as a stand-alone service including EU market release, supplier audits, bulk release and analytical testing through our supply chain partners.

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Delivering quality solutions and driving supply chain safety and security

As a dedicated packaging partner for our customers, we work to reduce time to market for packed products while ensuring end-to-end quality assurance (QA) and control from one centralised location.

Our customers have access to expertise on EU legislation to help them meet the necessary quality standards and regulations. We also offer bulk product release for packaging, bulk sampling and EU release testing, and product quality reviews (PQRs).

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