Advancing the pharmaceutical supply chain with flexible packaging solutions

The European pharmaceutical market presents large variations in packaging requirements. Ranging from artwork design to specific product information and the usage of local languages, country-specific requirements often affect the packaged presentation of a single drug.

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Postponement packaging shaping the future pharmaceutical supply chain

In traditional packaging, products are packaged and shipped to certain markets based on forecast demand. This, inevitably, leads to large amounts of product going to waste, particularly in Europe, where there are numerous languages and multiple regulations to contend with. Postponement packaging, on the other hand, allows manufacturers to supply to market in response to known demand.

At Tjoapack, we offer late-stage customisation packaging services to help our customers improve efficiencies and reduce product wastage.

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Why postponement packaging?

Postponement packaging offers a number of advantages to the pharmaceutical supply chain. These include the working capital benefits and the potential to lower inventory costs by centralising distribution centres. Packaging in response to direct market demand will also remove the need for repackaging work, meaning reduced waste overall.

If implemented correctly, a postponement strategy could offer increased flexibility and a more direct route for the drug product from manufacturer to patient.

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The Tjoapack offering

At Tjoapack, we understand that postponement is a new concept for many parts of the pharmaceutical supply chain, so we work with our customers to offer guidance on everything from supply chain strategy to regulatory compliance.

We design bespoke processes that are suitable for pharmaceutical packaging of all shapes and formats. Our team takes a consultative approach and advises our clients on all aspects of postponement packaging and its integration with their existing supply chain. By improving information flow and sharing among supply chain partners, we ensure an efficient outsourced service.

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