Unit Dose

Shaping a reliable pharmaceutical supply chain to ensure the product arrives safely to patients

At Tjoapack, we envision a future where 100% of medicines administered at the patient bedside have barcodes at unit level, allowing them to be traced and verified. Today, we offer comprehensive unit dose packaging services to hospitals, wholesalers, and pharmaceutical companies

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Solutions that allow medicines to be verifed at the point of administration

Unit dose packaging allows hospital staff to authenticate medicines right up to the point of administration, reducing errors and enhancing patient safety. In addition, it can improve hospital supply chain efficiencies by refining inventory management and reducing the amount of medicines going to waste.

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Our experience

We’ve been providing unit dose packaging to the pharmaceutical industry since 1989 when we became the first company to add barcodes to unit dose blisters. We ensure that our barcodes are high quality and universally readable by all hospital software. We can also print directly onto aluminium packaging to reduce waste and can use 2D data matrix codes to save space when required.

As specialists in the European market requirements, we can offer wholesalers and hospital pharmacies a high quality unit dose packaging solution. We now supply around 85 million unit doses to Benelux hospitals per year.

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