Wallet packaging solutions to improve patient compliance

Packaging drug products into wallets can have a huge impact on patient adherence. By increasing the visibility of medication and allowing the dispenser to include patient-specific instructions about how and when to take specific medicines, wallet packaging can reduce the potential of accidental misuse. In addition, having the pharmaceutical information printed directly on the wallet, allows patients to keep the medicine with its instructions at all times.

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Tjoapack Shape

Thanks to its versatility, the wallet pack is easy to combine with child-proof and senior-friendly technology, as well as any additional information that will benefit the patient. At Tjoapack, we offer a consultative approach to developing packaging solutions. Our experts use their knowledge and experience to advise you on the best solution for your product, while ensuring the best outcome for patients.

Tjoapack Shape

Our standard sizes provide cost effective and agile solutions for most tablet and capsule shapes and sizes, and we can advise on unique solutions for other formats on a project-by-project basis. We know that in an increasingly competitive market place, reduced lead times are crucial, so we work with our customers to develop flexible and reliable solutions that align with their supply chain strategy from bulk to finished pack.

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