Vial & Syringe Packaging

Expert solutions for vial and syringe packaging

Most new biotech drug products require packaging into vials or syringes and this market is expected to continue to grow by around 8% annually. Pharmaceutical products packaged in this way often require very specific and bespoke solutions.

At Tjoapack, we offer a consultative approach to vial and syringe packaging to ensure each product’s integrity and efficacy when it reaches the patient.

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Guiding you to the best solution for your product

Products in syringes and vials often require very specific and bespoke solutions in terms of size, materials and production processes. Many of them also need cold chain storage, packaging and transport. Our team can design specialist packaging that is suitable for your needs and our temperature controlled facilities mean we can handle even the most sensitive products.

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Our offering

At Tjoapack, we can cater for a wide variety of sizes and formats, packaging individually into boxes and as part of a kit. We can also source specialist materials based on customer requirements.

Our operators are trained to spot contamination risks and our stringent quality assurance processes mean products are closely monitored from start to finish.

Our quality supply chain services

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