Pharmaceutical Kits

A project-specific approach to pharmaceutical kits ensuring the best possible solutions

Pharmaceutical kit packaging allows multiple products to be supplied in one go, for example drug products, leaflets, swabs, needles and bandages. At Tjoapack, we are experienced in tackling the various challenges associated with combining multiple pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Our team uses its expertise to advise customers on the best solution and mitigate risk.

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Tackling the challenges of pharmaceutical kit packaging

Pharmaceutical kit packaging combines multiple pharmaceutical product, all of which must be precisely positioned to fit within the pack. Numerous products also means multiple tamper evidence solutions and different serialization legislation requirements depending on what is included in the kit.

In addition, the expiry date of the entire kit is often determined by the expiry date of the active substance within it, adding increased potential for product wastage.

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Our offering

At Tjoapack, we offer solutions for kits with up to 30 plus items, using trays and cartons based on sustainability. We design pharmaceutical kits to meet individual requirements and offer prototypes for our customers to ensure suitability. Our project-specific approach means we can ensure the best outcomes for our customers.

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