Accurate and reliable pharmaceutical bottle packing

The majority of medicines across the Nordic countries and the US are packaged into bottles. At Tjoapack, we package over 200 different shapes and sizes of tablets into bottles each year. We now package more than 1.5 million bottles annually for patient usage and for use in automated dispensing systems.

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Considerations when packaging into bottles

Pharmaceutical bottle packaging can help to ensure drug products are child-resistant and senior-friendly, as well as minimise the medicinal waste during production. However, accuracy is vital to ensure that the correct amount of medicine reaches the patient.

Labelling can also be more complex when it comes to non-cylindrical bottles and there is an added level of complexity when there is the need to serialise these products.

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Tjoapack's offering

We now supply bottle packing services to multiple European markets. Our expertise means we can provide flexible and bespoke solutions for customers and incorporate various types of sealing, including induction sealing, screw caps and push bottle caps. We also offer moisture regulation and multiple labelling options.

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