Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging

Versatile and efficient blister packaging

Blister packaging is one of the most popular methods of packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Almost 85% of all oral solid medicines in Europe use blister packaging. In the US, this figure is around 20% and continues to rise (2017).

At Tjoapack, we handle more than 600 different tablet sizes and shapes, using over 20 different materials from aluminium foil to PVC film.

92 We now supply around 92 million blisters each year to almost 40 different markets worldwide.

Why blister packaging?

Pharmaceutical blister packaging offers a longer shelf life and gives companies more choice when selecting materials for primary packaging. The tablets are packaged individually, which not only offers increased stability and integrity by protecting the product, but also reduces the chance of accidental misuse.

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Helping to ensure quality solutions for blister packaging

Tjoapack handles a wide range of blister formats for our customers. Our unique production processes means we can ensure high quality and efficiency and give pharmaceutical companies access to the best packaging solutions for their needs.

Our standard sizes provide a cost effective and agile solutions for most tablet and capsule shapes and sizes, and we can advice on unique solutions for formats which fall outside it. We realise that in this increasingly competitive world time to market is crucial, so we work with our customers to align a supply chain strategy from bulk to finished pack to ensure a reliable, cost effective, and flexible service that aligns with their supply chain strategy.

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