Whitepaper: Postponement packaging for the pharmaceutical supply chain

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Postponement packaging is the practice of keeping products in a semi-finished, market agnostic state, and only finalising them when there is a specific market demand.

Used strategically, it will allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to respond to market-related fluctuation as well as variations in packaging requirements. In addition, postponement will enable pharma companies to lower working capital by reducing finished goods inventories, avoid repackaging work, reduce waste across the supply chain, and shorten their return on investment cycle.

In this whitepaper, Dr Anita Paz, Innovation Consultant and Dexter Tjoa, Director Corporate Strategy at Tjoapack, outline the postponement packaging principle and the key points to consider before implementing it as a supply chain strategy. They also discuss how this approach can be applied to different product portfolios and the benefits that adoption could bring to the pharmaceutical industry.

You can download the full whitepaper below.

For more information on postponement packaging visit: https://tjoapack.com/supply-chain/postponement/

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