We pack medicines
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Not a day goes by without us realizing that someone close to you, or us, might be prescribed a medicine that has been packed by Tjoapack. This is why we continuously carry out research to establish the safest, most effective, and efficient way to package your medicines.

We work with you to identify the very best possible packaging solution

The outcome is not always the solution that you initially had in mind, but it might be that the packaging design we come up with serves your product even better. Even the best packaging solution has to meet certain requirements. Examples include logistics or country-specific requirements, budget limitations, or legal requirements. As a specialist in this field, Tjoapack will guide you in every step of the process.

Packaging: a critical success factor in your supply chain

A well-designed packaging process can have a positive effect on the KPIs for your supply chain. Examples of this include limiting stock levels and working capital, improving the reliability of delivery, and limiting obsolete stock. Tjoapack is happy to advise you on any of the above.

Tjoapack does more than just ensure that products are packaged safely and efficiently.

Our services also include testing for market release, and advice on the design of the packaging process. We also respond to the latest technical and regulation-related developments. For example, Tjoapack gained its first serialisation experience of almost ten years ago. As a result, we are now ready for the new EU directive that will make serialisation a legal requirement for all your packaging.

Technical packaging design

Different packaging dimensions and design can be beneficial

Tjoapack can advise you on the best packaging solution from a technical point of view, combining the ease of use that you require with the relevant legal obligations. The final result is packaging that meets all of the various requirements, at the most cost-efficient price possible. We also like to share our thoughts with clients on packaging dimensions and design. These are definitely the areas in which a profit can be achieved.

Commercial blister packaging

Lead times are essential in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Since packaging is the final step before the final market release, it is clear that a short lead time needs to be guaranteed. As a contract packer, we provide just-in-time packaging processes for several clients. Tjoapack offers clients a wide range of different blister sizes for many materials, ranging from standard PVC to double-sided aluminium blisters. The blisters can be printed in-line in various ways, such as calendar print, scattered printing, pocket printing, and 2D barcode.

Unit Dose Packaging

Our company is the European specialist in Unit Dose Packaging for industry, wholesalers, and hospital pharmacies. We were the first company to add barcodes to UD blisters (1989), and as a result medicines can now be identified right up until the moment that they are consumed. In addition, supply on the basis of individual doses avoids medicine wastage.

Childproof packaging

For many years, we faced the challenge of producing childproof packaging for standard blisters. Today, Tjoapack is able to offer clients Locked4Kids, the first childproof packaging that does not require any changes to the primary packaging itself. This concept was developed by our partner Ecobliss. For more information, see www.locked4kids.com or contact your account manager.

Secondary packaging

Tjoapack provides a wide range of secondary packaging services, including (re)labelling, switching information leaflets and/or boxes, labelling vials, and coding packaging. The possibilities also include the provision of kit packs, the assembly of medical aids, device/pharmaceutical-product combinations, and more Feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of the above.

Postponement packaging

Postponement packaging means that your product is packaged for a specific country or client at the very last minute. Advantages are that the safety stock can be shared, and it is easy to adapt the packaging because the product has only undergone primary packaging. This method is ideal for low-volume, high-value products, but also for when batches are to be shared between small and big countries. Tjoapack provides customised solutions for the biotechnological, medical-technological, and pharmaceutical industries.


The wallet is the ideal solution for any company that wants to provide extra information for patients on its product. This special type of packaging can also be used to enhance patient compliance. Tjoapack packages both small and large wallet quantities for the pharmaceutical industry. Of course, this also involves the provision of a customised service.

Vials and bottles

Tjoapack offers clients a full-service solution for the packaging of tablets, coated tablets, and capsules in vials and bottles, including the automatic cartoning of vials. We also offer a number of different closure types, including screw caps, caps containing dehydrant material, and childproof closures.

And there is more…

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about any of the above.



Tjoapack has more than 25 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical packaging and packaging processes

We provide advice on every aspect of the internal packaging process, on the design for a packaging process for a new product, and on the make-or-buy decision. Our consults are objective; their advice is not limited to medicines in solid dosage form, and is provided regardless of whether Tjoapack will become your packaging partner.

Market release

Tjoapack has a number of qualified employees to test and check every step in a medicine’s production process. They gather all of the required information, and assess whether a medicine can be released for the European market. This service enables our clients to save time, because the packaging and release are all carried out by just one company.

Bulk sampling &
EU release testing

Tjoapack can also arrange for the receipt of bulk tablets. Sample collection under GMP conditions is also possible. We are also pleased to work with Sinensis Life Sciences or with your own laboratory to have bulk from outside the EU inspected for EU release.


We can store bulk packaging materials and packaging materials, of course in line with GDP conditions. The storage of finished products is also possible. We carry out these activities in collaboration with our partners.

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